Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Devil with the blue dress,blue dress on......"

     Remember Bill Clinton ?There's an absurdity.  Remember how he wept at Yitzchak Rabin's funeral? Oh the horror...I don't think Mr. Democracy, Natan Sharansky wants him at HIS funeral. Why? Because Bill said that  "An increasing number of the young people in the IDF are the children of Russians and settlers, the hardest-core people against a division of the land. This presents a staggering problem," Clinton said. "It's a different Israel. 16 percent of Israelis speak Russian.... the Russian immigrant population in Israel is the group least interested in striking a peace deal with the Palestinians." Hell, I speak Russian ! Later on , about a conversation with Natan S. ,Bill said  ,"[Sharansky] was nice about it, a lot of them aren't..."   BUT..But Sharansky denied Wednesday that such a conversation with Clinton ever took place. “Wow?! "THem?!" Can you imagine what Sharansky must have felt?Can you imagine Avigdor Lieberman's reaction to this? Their jaws must have dropped to let in a D-9! Did he read the news ever?The second Intifada brought one of the most traumatic events to the Russian community with the horrifying attack at the Tel Aviv “Dolphinarium” nightclub - 20 kids, most of them children of olim from Russia, were killed.
        Oh, tell us why Sederot is being pounded again, still, by Hamas , when the population is mostly Moroccan.  Ashkelon, Ashdod. Kfar Darom was populated by anyone BUT  Russians. It was bought  by Jewish money in the last century.
                It's not just that this is the man whom Yassir Arafat duped, and who wrote about it. While all of us "right-wing settlers" were jumping up and down saying "he's lying!", and he and Ehud Barak were playing tag to see who goes in first to the discussions room...ol' Bill, the Arkansas Meadow Wafer, was searching  his PDA for Monica's number. Then, Yassir gives the word, and JEWS DIE... aw  , Bill, you see, I'd get down on my knees and beg you to see the error of your ways, but you might get confused in your dotage, and think I'm Monica...
          This guy is a RHODES scholar??!!He was impeached!  His "Whitewater" Scandal was whitewashed(very WHITE) , and he and Hillary got away with nary a scratch.  Maybe he's lonely, and that's why he needs to drum up some "attention?"  Ping, ping,ping, ping.."Hello, Hill..I called Elliot Spitzer, and Mark Sanford...they're just not around...can you come home a little earlier...?"  Maybe this  "news" item is old, but it nags at me. Like Hillary being from Park Ridge Illinois, were the only Jews there would be from Buffalo Grove to  play chicken to see who would cross the county line.

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